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by Shorty Cant Eat Books

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released January 18, 2014

Recorded at Hi Z Lo Z studio in Asheville NC
Recordings by Patrick Kukucka
Mastered by Kimathi Moore



all rights reserved


Shorty Cant Eat Books Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: Get me off this cloud
Hey god, hey it's me. Lord you know I dont believe in disease.
I never brush my teeth no more. Wash my face in a toilet bowl.

Get me off this cloud

Hey boss. Lookin' at me? Checking me out my liberal arts degree?
You know I never watch TV anymore (only now Jon boy and Billy show)

Get me off this cloud
Track Name: Dumb Town
Big Balls
Cat Calls
Pall Malls

This is a dumb town

Bustin up fights
I know my rights
Camel Lights

Butt Heads
Buttin' Heads
Marlboro Reds

This is a dumb town
Track Name: Dance with me
Why won't anybody dance with me?
Cant you see my disease?
(It's the reason why i wanna sing lower than i know i really can go)

Why is my girlfriend taller than me?
Cant you see I cant see? I cant feel, I cant breathe, I cant think

The whites of your eyes are all i can see, i'm struggling, you're judging me, somebody please, get me a drink
Track Name: Nuclear Doowop
Hey You! (big shit like me) little you gonna tell me what to do?
That's the kind of shit I learned in gradeschool
Einstein made F's and man, I cant make a C
You see what it's doing to me? A nuclear brainwashing

Bury me down, 10,000 underground.
Nye co. boys barely rarely make a sound
til i unearth in YK3
You pick the science... I'll pick your disease